Our Expertise and Specialization isInCopper Cable Installations, Fiber Optic Cable Installations, Coaxial Cable Installations, Horizontal Distribution Systems, Backbone Distribution Systems, Data Center Build-Outs, Rack & Server Cabinet Installations, Cable Trays & Ladder Racks, Cable Management Systems.
In D&S Gadgets and Systems International Co. We maintained on time delivery commitments as well as the supplied devices either from abroad and OEM Brands with working together with our experienced Technical team and well Known Suppliers and providers


When you need Electric Fence. We D&S Gadgets and Systems International Co. is a direct importer and integrator& a Direct supplier of Electric Fence Accessories and Control Panel, Available Single Zone, Double zone and Multiple Zone Control Panel or Energizer with Real Time alarm monitoring either by Fiber Optic or by Copper Lan cable connection optional with hook up to dedicated panel.
Our Team and Technicians is well experienced and turned over various projects for Villas, Condos and Subdivisions and we also welcome partners, contractors, architects to their existing and on going projects which required Electric Fence as additional security and protections.


We Secure your safety &We provide a better and focused smart wireless solution, either by IP Or Analog Cameras to your Business , Hotels, Schools, Resort, Hospitals, Residentials, Villas and Condominium with real time monitoring and record logs.
As Part of the Building Construction and a market demands is to require and install a Fire alarm System to be able to monitor 24/7 on any Fire events and activity.
We have a well trained Technicians and Installers to integrate and install Alarm panels, Detectors and Input out put modules, we also integrate any third party devices for pumps, control valves and air ventilation and synchronized when needed.


We Import and Integrate Various brands of Generators either for portable, Silent Type and Open Type Generators from small capacity to 5 mva or more with well know brand like Cummins, Perkins, Doosan, Mitsubishi, ITC . Our Aim is to provide a top Brand standby Generators and to keep the power on during and outage with our dedicated supports and experienced partners and technicians.
We also supply and install online UPSfor Data Centers, Machine Backupsto Save on machine failure & data lost, IT costs & data security protection.
We D&S Gadgets and Systems International Co. offered Flexible solutions, EdgeReady designs. Superior Data Security with Warranty on our Quiet Floor-Standing, Full-Size Floor-Standing, Wall-Mounted Data power protection back ups from small to higher capacity.


Smart Home Solutions and Integrations is one of the most popular demand in the market of smart Home automation for Villas, Hotels, residentials, and Condominiums. We D&S Gadgets and Systems International Co. is seriously taking part of this new Technology to supply Install and Integrate with our customers requirements for High Technology Smart Living.
Since the switch is the once that’s connected to the Wi-Fi network, you can basically plug any time of bulb, lamp, curtains and outlets in the room.Configuring the Smart Switch to your local network is easy the top capacitive button on the switch acts as the control to activate the Wi-Fi. Download the apps for Smart Living” on the Play Store/ iTunes Store, connect to your home Wi-Fi and input the login credentials. The app will detect the smart switch and add the light controls as a widget.
In this setup, there are two capacitive buttons that control each of the connected bulbs, curtains, outlets You can use the capacitive buttons to turn them on/off or use the app to remotely control them. The buttons are also LED-backlit (when off) so you can easily see them at night.


When Smart Home automation is required we always think that we need to operate it in remote or using mobile apps control to be able to access our automatic gates.
We D&S Gadgets and Systems International Co. Supplier and A Direct importer ofGate automation and proud to be setting the highest standard in designing and producing the garage door opener, swing gate opener, slide gate opener, and accessories.
Our product line also includes rolling door opener, road barrier, and access control device and homeland security products. We always strive to be a competitive on this market and to stay ahead with the competition in the industry now and we always value our customer, partners and integrators to provide the highest quality installed automatic gate controls.


Access Control System is a must require and a fundamental component of data security that implies who’s allowed to access in their Data Centers, Buildings, Rooms, and campuses Through required authentication and authorization, either thru Biometrics, RFID cards, Mifare cards and any third party pre-program data cards, access control policies make sure dedicated access groups access users are who they say they are and that they have appropriate access to secured Buildings, Data Centers and premises.
We D&S Gadgets and Systems International Co. provides a better and reliable solution to those required secured data centers, Buildings, Rooms, Hotels, call centers and Condos by providing easy and top Brand access Control devices and their accessories and by working with our partners, suppliers and manufactures abroad we install and turned over various projects with on time and zero delay.


We Supply and Import hard to find Original Equipment Manufacturer spare parts for machines like Sensors, Motors, Timing Belts, Relays, Bearing and magnetic contactors, breakers and any pneumatic controls and their spares.
We supply top brands for Sensors Like Omron, Keyence, YamatakiHoneywell ,Autonics and any related machine Spare parts such as SMC, Koganei, Honeywell, Parker, Bambi on their Pneumatic Controlled devices. We offer Indent supply and door to door deliveries with past and reliable delivery schedules to our customers in Export processing Zone and Industrial Companies.